Online City


Online City is a community website which provides you details about budgets, right to Information,  Community News , Map (UC Wise) , History , Complaint System (Android App + Web) , Market Committee (Android App + Web) and Governing Body Access (Android App + Web). This feature entitles general public to connect with the governing bodies in a step by step procedure. It provides its users a track on pricing and comparison between pricing on different dates. Users can attain information about the prices of different things on different dates and can send complaints and suggestions to relevant departments.

Online City is also providing its users a region history and sovereigns with tenure and duration and Union Council wise map. Complaint system will help civilians to point out and help moderate society values. Users will also have a right to access information through online city website. Community newsfeature will be helpful for civilians as it will keep them updated on current affairs.


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Community Website:

This feature allows its users to share and get information according to their interests. Users have access to share public messages.  Users can get and share pictures and videos with their desired audience. This feature also facilitates by allowing them to send messages individually and can also make groups for sharing information.


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Map (UC Wise):

This feature provides its users with a facility of Union Council wise map. It ensures that the citizens get information about the voting criteria and voting area as well.


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Complaint System:

Complaint System is a feature which offers its userwith many facilities including complain login. Users can also avail the facility of history tracking and evidence attachment.


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Budget Monitoring:

    This helps to ensure its users financial control and identify where change is required.This feature includes Regional level budget, division, website and also utilization tract to know how budget is being utilized. This monitoring of budget provides relevant, timely appropriate and accurate information.

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Community News:

This feature allows its users to stay updated regarding Regional level news and Public News. Users can also get access to Notifications, Educational Articles, Interviews, Photos, Event Calendars, Surveys and Feedbacks.


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Market Committee:

Market committee lets its user know about marketing prices and how to deal with the dependent price control. It gives information that how the price of one thing affects the price of others.


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Right to Information:

We are providing our users a Right to Information which enables them to see exactly what the government is doing. The main objective is to enforce the fundamental right of access to information in all matters of public importance.


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    Users can get the track of progress on how it is going. They can also have a right to search regional history which tells them that when the desired area was discovered.

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Governing Body Access:

Users can easily get access to the governing bodies. They have a right to get information about governing bodies’ hierarchy and we also offer proper appointment system to our users.