Auto Communicator


The Auto Communicator Software provides you the facility to connect with other software (e.g. Health, Education, Road and Transport modules) to communicate important notifications to the respective person. This is a stand-alone product and can be attached to other smart cities as well. This software saves your time by notifying a patient about the time of his appointment, sends a confirmation SMS to the passenger about ticket booking and also notifies students about their education related announcements. This software is customizable and works according to your respective attached software.


Student Enrollment Software



Sending SMS alerts is one of the best features of this Auto Communicator software. It aids you by reducing distance between your respective persons.


Student Enrollment Software


You can also have pop up emails as reminders. This features make you feel relax in your task management as now you can not forget any of your important task


Student Enrollment Software

Software to Software Communication

This features provides pop up notifications and indicates that your task in some other integrated software has been completed, which means you can easily coomunicate whenever you want.

Student Enrollment Software


    Serverless Technologies is also providing you computer generated calls which includes different kinds of tasks and alerts.


Student Enrollment Software

Social Media Posting

This features enables you to have automated posting of your public notifications on your social media websites/pages like facebook and twitter.