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Auto Governance is a set of desktop and mobile applications which enables you to have pop up notifications regarding your tasks, deadlines and status reports on specific time and due date. This software‘s approach is to improve team performance. It also has a feature incorporated in it to maintain the “to-do” list for you and your employees to check individual’s assigned activities schedule. User can also add designation, including areas and departments of individual team members and employees.

Executives can have track of commissions and committees which are arranged for some agendas and log meetings on it with meeting agenda and decision items. To be doneitems are added automatically to the“to-do” planner with their respective due dates. Employees can have facilities like sending messages, tracking a task, and document attachment to every task. It radically saves time, resources and costs involved by easing manual work and paper based processes.


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Governance Workflow

It works step by step by streamlining processes of governance. It empowers you to manage your tasks and keep history. This software can also track your tasks, remind your current status and task forwarding. It helps in team management, performance evaluation, notification management including tracking, and re-open facility.


Student Enrollment Software

Performance Report

This releases your burden by allowing you to make a fair evaluation reporton numbers of tasks completed. Task completion timing includes on time, before time and after due date. It also maintains your task history andhave re-open facility for your convenience. It aids in reducing a lot of manual work.


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It subsidizes you by reducing distance between you and your team members. This software provides you five types of notifications; SMS, hard print notifications, emails, auto generated calls and software print notifications. You can keep in touch with every member individually.


Student Enrollment Software

Activity Planner

    This software gives you a feature to add items and maintain in your to-do list. It includes title date and detail of activity. You can add to-do tasks with respect to time including today, tomorrow, upcoming and old. It is convenient and much efficient as you get to be reminded about tasks. No more worrying about planning, scheduling or generated problems.


Student Enrollment Software

Commissions and Committees

It enables you to add both registered and non-registered members. This software provides you the facility to generate Commissions, committee and meeting status reports. In this report you can add your agenda of meeting, title, detail and date of creation and meeting.
Meeting Status report enables you to add title, agenda and detail of meeting. You can also add minutes of meeting, creation date, due date and meeting date. It also enables you to add decision and action items and make your work more convenient and efficient.